Fiery Chicken Wings (GF) €6.95
Barbecue And Chilli Marinade, Cashel Blue Cheese Dip(MD/CY)

Home-Made Soup of The Day €5.95
Fresh Brown Bread (MK/G)

Home- Made Seafood Chowder €8.95
Creamy Seafood Soup, Chunky Vegetables, Homemade Brown Bread (MK/G/SP/C/F/CY)

Crabmeat and Smoked Salmon Stack(GF) €8.95
Clarkes Smoked Salmon on a bed of Fresh Crabmeat with Cream Cheese, Dressed Leaves(E/C/MK/MD)

Chicken & Mushroom Crepes €6.95
Tender Chicken Pieces, Creamy Mushroom Sauce topped with Parmesan (E/G/MK)

Goats Cheese/Black Pudding Potato Cake €7.95
Red onion Marmalade (MK/E/G)

King Prawn Basket €8.95
King Prawns, Egg Noodles, Fresh Chilli, Wasabi Dressing, (E/G/C/F/SP)

Deep Fried Brie (V) €6.95
Brie Squares Coated In A Herb Crumb, Served With A Redcurrant Reduction (E/G/MK/MD)

Warm Courtyard Salad ( V & GF Options available)
Fresh Rocket Leaves, Kelly’s Black Pudding, Streaky Bacon, Baby Potatoes, Pine Nuts, Parmesan, Homemade House Dressing (N/E/MD/aSS/MK)
Starter Portion 6.95…… Main Course Portion 13.95

Caeser Style Salad (V & GF Options Available)
Crispy Gem Lettuce, Caeser Dressing, Rustic Garlic Croutons, Bacon Lardons, Parmesan Shavings(E/G/MD/F/MK)
Starter Portion €6.95…..Main Course Portion €12.95
Add Chicken €7.95(S) ……€13.95(M)


(V) Denotes Vegetarian Dishes (GF) Denotes Gluten Free Dishes

Char- Grilled Sirlion of Prime Irish Beef €25.95
10oz Sirloin Steak Sourced Locally and Cooked To Your Liking, Sautéed Onions, Mushrooms, Onion Rings, Chips and a Choice of Sauce (MK/G)
Pepper cream…. … Garlic and Herb Butter

8 oz Fillet Steak (GF) €25.95
Fillet of Prime Irish Beef cooked to your liking served with creamed potato,mushrooms ,onions and your Sauce (MK) Pepper Cream … Garlic and Herb Butter

Dillons Open Steak Sandwich €16.95
Beef Strips, Saute Onions And Mushrooms, Rustic Italian Ciabatta Bread, Garlic Mayo, Crisp Salad and Sumo Fries (G/E/MD)

Homemade Gourmet Beef Burger €15.95
All Burgers are Served On a Floury Bap Dressed With Beef Tomato, Red Onion,Tomato Relish and Sumo Fries.(G/E/MD) Please Choose One Of The Following:
1, Bacon & Cheese…2, Barbeque & Pineapple….3, Blue Cheese & Red Onion Marmalade

Chicken Fillet Burger €15.95
Cajun Infused Chicken Fillet, Cheddar Cheese, Grilled Bacon, Crisp Lettuce, Red Onion, Beef Tomato, Mango Mayo And Chips (G/E)

Pan Seared Lamb Chump (GF) €19.95
Potato Gratin, Sweet Turnip And Smokey Bacon Puree, Redcurrant Reduction (MK/SP)

Oven Baked Seabass(GF) €18.95
Oven Baked Fillets of Seabass served on a bed of Garlic Fried Baby Potatoes and Buttered Greens served with a White wine Sauce(MK/C/SP)

Stuffed Breast Of Chicken (GF) €15.95
Stuffed With Cream Cheese and Spinach wrapped in streaky Bacon on a bed of Parsnip and Bacon Mash served with a Garlic Cream Sauce(MK/SP)

Duck Two Ways €21.95
Char Siu Roasted Duck Breast, Basmati Rice, Duck Parcel, Chilli Infused Vegetables, Sesame and Orange Reduction (E/G/SS/S/SP)

Chicken Stirfry €14.95
Tender Chicken Pieces Wok Fried With Stirfry Vegetables, Noodles in a Chilli Soya Sesame Oil (S/G/SS/E)
Beef…€15.95 Prawn….€15.95

Seafood Pie €19.95
Fresh Local Seafood, Chardonnay And Herb Cream Sauce, Spring Onion, Topped With A Buttery Mash And Melted Cheese (C/MK/SP/F)

Herb Crusted Salmon € 17.95
Colcannon Mash, Medley of Mixed Vegetables, Cream of White Wine Sauce(C/MK/SP)

Homemade Fish And Chips €16.95
Tempura Battered Cod, Fresh Chips, Pea Puree, Caper Mayonnaise (G/E/F

House Style Curry
Curries Are Served With Basmati Rice And Fries.(G/MD/CY/C)
Vegetable €13.95….Beef €16.95….Chicken €15.95…Prawn €16.95…Combo €17.95

Dillon’s Style Fajitas (GF Without Wraps)
Our Sizzling Fajitas Served With Floured Tortillas, Basmati Rice and Dipping Sauces (G/MD/CY/C)
Vegetable €13.95…Beef €15.95….Chicken €15.95…Prawn €16.95….Combo €17.95

Chicken & Chorizo Linguine €15.95
Tender Chicken Pieces blended in a Tomato Based Sauce with Chorizo and Mushrooms topped with Feta Cheese(G/SP/MK/E)



Homemade Chicken Goujons with Mash or Fries
(Contains G)

Sausages with Mash or Fries
(Contains G/SP/MK)

Beef Burger with Mash or Fries
(Contains G/SS/MK)

Penne Pasta with Tomato Sauce or Butter(V)
(Contains G)

Chicken Escalope with Mash or Fries.
(Contains MK)

Fresh Fish Goujons with Mash or Fries.
(contains G/MK/F)



Homemade Ice Cream Cone with Chocolate Sauce
(Contains G)

Jelly and Ice Cream
(Contains MK)

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie and Ice Cream
(Contains MK/G)




Ballina’s Best Kept Secret